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Highfield House, Congleton

A private dwelling sited on a former Second World War children's evacuation camp. Several old dormitory blocks still remain on site.

Built to a high standard utilising traditional construction techniques.

Contract value: £450,000

Completed 2015.

Bradeley Village

Bradeley Village is a sheltered housing village with 238 apartments and a variety of communal facilities. Apartments are situated in the main village center and in several annexes close by.

Ellis Hillman were appointed in the early 90's to design a large care village for Staffordshire Housing Association that challenged the traditional methods for the provision and management of social rented housing for active older people. Based on concepts tried and tested by Humanistische Bouwstichting Bejaardenhuisvesting, a Dutch Humanist Housing Association, the project was the first practical example of an Anglo-Dutch Housing Association Partnership.

The design of the building creates 'internal streets' that all lead to the physical and social focal point - the village center, where all the amenities are managed and run by residents.

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