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Highfield House, Congleton

A private dwelling sited on a former Second World War children's evacuation camp. Several old dormitory blocks still remain on site.

Built to a high standard utilising traditional construction techniques.

Contract value: £450,000

Completed 2015.

Garden Cottage, Stoke-on-Trent

Our client owned the house and large garden where this house has been built.

The brief was to provide a smaller house for our client to move into.

The rear of the house was to be designed to afford views of the client's extensive garden.

The planners requested that the house be built closer to the road, to maintain the building line set by the adjacent properties.

The house was built in Ibstock Etruria mixture bricks, plain concrete roof tiles and rendered panels to the front elevation to complement our clients original rendered house next door.

Completed Summer 2019.

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