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Highfield House, Congleton

A private dwelling sited on a former Second World War children's evacuation camp. Several old dormitory blocks still remain on site.

Built to a high standard utilising traditional construction techniques.

Contract value: £450,000

Completed 2015.

Orchard House, Glapthorn

Our client had purchased a garden plot from the adjacent Church Cottage in the village of Glapthorn. 

The brief was to design a modest sized dwelling to complement the surrounding buildings. The design had to take into consideration the plots sensitive position on the main street, as it was directly opposite the village church. The adjacent garden had a Corsican Pine tree that had a TPO on it, so ensuring the new house didn't have any effect on the roots or canopy. Also, the adjacent Church Cottage was a listed property with historical links to the Church.

To maintain the street scene, the dwelling was sited on the back of the pavement, with vehicular access and parking kept to the rear,

Locally sourced Stamford stone was used, together with timber sash windows and a slate roof.

Completed 2012.

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