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Why Choose Our Architects For Residential Extensions?

Ellis Hillman Partnership Ltd regularly works with residential clients looking to have an extension added to their home.


Thanks to the cost of living crisis, millions of people want to make the most of their current property, rather than enduring the cost of buying a bigger house.An extension is the best way to create more space without the hassle of moving.


Why hire architects if you’re planning an extension?


When having this type of work done, you want the new room to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your property. You also want the extension to complement the design of your building. Ideally, you want it to look like it was an original part of the house.  


An architect can ensure your extension is well-designed, attractive and practical. They can solve any design problems before building work begins.


Our architects can work with you to ensure your extension meets all your objectives. Whether you need an extra bedroom, playroom or home office, we can help to create your dream home.   


Ellis Hillman Partnership Ltd have extensive experience in all areas of the construction industry. Only recently, we completed an extension on a bungalow in Staffordshire, which you can view on our website.


If you need architects for your extensions, explore our portfolio or please contact our team for more information.

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