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Highfield House, Congleton

A private dwelling sited on a former Second World War children's evacuation camp. Several old dormitory blocks still remain on site.

Built to a high standard utilising traditional construction techniques.

Contract value: £450,000

Completed 2015.

Hornbeam Building, Keele University

The refurbishment and re-cladding of an existing part pre-fabricated/ traditional build complex, set in the heart of the University and under threat of demolition.

The Practice was appointed to review the building to upgrade the interior to meet new user requirements, and to bring the building as close as possible into a condition both structurally, aesthetically and thermally to meet current legislation.

Selected demolition was suggested, the creation of a new entrance foyer, new extended staircases to replace external stairs, and a complete re-cladding exercise to change the appearance from an austere drab building into a bright, vibrant, clean modern complex.

Elevation 1 after refurbishment works.jpg
Elevation 3 after refurbishment works.jpg
Elevation 4 after refurbishment works.jpg

Before - Front Aspect

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